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Fit Clinic


Have you ever wondered where to get a good bra fitting? Or felt a bit uncomfortable?

Why not get fitted in the security of your home or gym? Sixty4 has a team of bra fitters that run Fit Clinics for groups of 10 or more women who are looking to get professional service and advice on the best fit of sports bras. Our bra fitters are trained to fit specifically sports bras - fitting is different to a normal day bra. So many women wear the wrong size, it is vital to be fitted correctly.

The Sixty4 Bra Fitting Consultant will arrive at the gym or home with every size of bra from A to F cup - and fit people accordingly. They can order through the consultant and delivery will be in 2-3 days. Hostess' and Gym Owners/Managers will be incentivised for holding the Fit Clinics.

If you are interested in arranging a Fit Clinic or would like to join our Sixty4 Fit Team, please contact us on