Margot Lundgren Sixty4 Sport Bras Founder

Sixty4 Sport Bras Founder

Margot lundgren


Like many great inventions, Sixty4 came into being because two friends looked at something they used almost every day and knew they could make it better. They were also active sports women that exercised their way through countless sports bras never being entirely satisfied with what they were wearing and what they had to pay for a decent product.

We have taken a fresh approach to the fundamentals of sports bra design and added features that we were looking for in other bras – but couldn’t find. We decided we wanted to do something to help women enjoy an active lifestyle. Our aim has been to remove the barrier of ‘not being able to find the right bra’.

Sixty4 is based in Australia – it’s our home where playing sport and being physically active is our way of life.

Today, we have now fitted thousands of women, young and old in our sports bras. These women have continued to inspire us and remind us that exercise is for everybody – it makes us healthy – our body and soul. Our philosophy is about providing women with technical quality at an affordable price, and to continue to innovate and share our customers joy of exercise.

We’re just at the start of our journey and we have lots more to come.

SIXTY4. Supports women, who support women.

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