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A sports bra is specially engineered to reduce breast movement during any kind of physical activity. It will usually feature wider shoulder straps and more coverage at the front. Fabrics used to make a sports bra will usually have more strength and less stretch so that, as your body moves, your breast tissue remains as stable as possible.

When you wear a good sports bra, you’ll feel more secure and contained and your breasts will be protected from permanent damage.

Wearing a sports bra protects the Coopers ligaments. Coopers ligaments are the fine connective ligaments that give the breast it’s shape. Once this connective tissue is damaged, it cannot be repaired with exercise or even surgery. Keeping heavy breasts stable and contained while you’re running or playing sport, helps prevent pain in the shoulder and neck area.It can also help maintain posture and keep your spine straight while exercising.

If you feel that your sports bra needs the added compression of a crop top, then it’s highly likely that your bra isn’t doing the job. The crop top gives you that extra security by “squashing” your breasts and reducing their projection. Quite often, there’s nothing really wrong with doing this, especially if the crop top is new. Once your crop top has been worn and washed 4 or 5 times, it’s fabric’s elasticity is compromised. It becomes softer and sloppier, and isn’t able to resist the force of a bouncing breast. Next time you put your crop top on over your sports bra, have a good look at the shape it gives you. Chances are, it gives you that classic “mono-boob” look. By wearing a sports bra that compresses the breast using non-elastic fabric, you can rely on its ability to contain the bust and minimise breast movement without compromising a natural shape.   A sixty4 bra can give you the security you get from wearing two garments. 

  • a)       It’s cheaper – you only need one garment
  • b)       It’s more comfortable – you wear just one layer   
  • c)       It’s more reliable – it doesn’t rely on elastic fabrics

There are several feature that are essential if you’re bra size is D, DD, E or larger.  These include: 

  • a)       Wide shoulder straps  
  • b)       Padded straps over the shoulder & neck area     
  • c)        Non stretch fabrics in the cups   
  • d)       Good coverage over the breast tissue   
  • e)       At least 3 hook fastenings at the back closure 

Try to select a bra where the seams do not cover the nipple area. Often discomfort occurs because there too much room in the cup, so that when the bust moves friction can create chafing.

We recommend to wear the Aqua Bra or the Freedom Wirefree Bra. Most conventional sports bras use stretch fabrics that contain elastane (Lycra). Elastane provides stretch and recovery to enhance the fit and comfort of the bra. In a chlorinated pool, elastane will deteriorate rapidly and lose stretch, affecting the fit and performance of the bra. It is not recommended to wear sports bras in the water unless they have been developed for this function.

Always close the bras before washing. The best way to care for your sports bra is to wash them in a lingerie bag on a cold cycle in the washing machine. This protects the bras and the rest of the washing. Avoid tumble drying as this can affect the performance of the fabrics and will reduce the life of the bra.

No sports bra should have a birthday. The life of a sports bra depends on how often it gets a workout! If you exercise 3-5 times a week, your sports bra will retain its fit and performance for about one year. After this time, the fabrics will become a little looser and over time, it will not provide the support you had at the beginning.

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