WIRES: Holds the weight, contains the bust and provides an anchor

SIDE WING/BACK GORE: side and back part of bra frame – often reinforced and lined to prevent stretching. Side wing often has boning at the side to prevent side from collapsing

CUP – area that contains the bust

CENTRE FRONT FRAME  – reinforced with no stretch as this area cannot move and is anchored to the chest wall

HOOK & EYE BAR – Adjustable area at centre back to open and close bra. Usually bras hook & eye bar should be 3 x 3 for greater support.


Choosing the right sports bra is different to choosing  an every day bra. Sports bras are required to minimise and control breast movement, maintain good posture and be comfortable. The movement of the breast while running creates a wide swinging action that can be uncomfortable and damaging to the body. The damage is caused from the extreme motion – almost like a figure of 8 configuration (see diagram below).

During exercise, the bust will move continuously and this can be seen in the diagram below the movement of the nipple (no bra)

The diagram below shows the effect of a well supported bra (as seen on effect).

The key to a well supported bras is to prevent the ‘swinging’motion of the breasts. Reducing the side bounce (lateral) can significantly improve the comfort of the wearer.

The underbust band underneath the bust on a bra assists with the breast weight. If considering the technology of a backpack, where the hip belt reduces the stress on the shoulders, it is the same concept with sports bras. Fitted correctly, the underbust band can absorb up to 30% of the weight of the bust.

A recent study showed that 67% of all women are not wearing the correct size sports bra for medium to high activity.

Why is this so?

  • They wear their sports bra like an every day bra
  • They have not been correctly fitted
  • Age and weight effects bras size
  • Being pregnant and post baby can change bra size
  • Sports bra is older than 18 months and fabrics are losing their technical performance

How much breast support is required?

  • The amount of support required is determined by breast size, age and type of exercise.
  • Personal choice
  • A good supportive bra can also maintain better posture. As breasts can be heavy, the force created by them can puller the upper body forward, making the body slouch. This can affect sporting performance and lead to neck, back and arm pain.

Factors that can alter breast support?

  • As skin loses its elasticity through age, the weight of the breasts requires greater support. Also, bust density changes and the breast shape is altered.


Using our expertise in sports bra design and high performance sportswear, we have taken a brand new look at the way breasts are protected during vigorous exercise. Sixty4 sports bras incorporate design technology previously only used in elite level performance gear.

Compression and containment are crucial – Sixty4 we have achieved this while maintaining great bust shaping. The bras have been biomechanically tested at the Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide, Australia and results showed an unprecedented reduction in breast bounce of up to 60%.



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