Finding your correct size can be difficult. Everyone has a different perception of what feels comfortable. Following what size tops you wear is often a good start – do you wear a size 10 T shirt? Bra sizing works on a sliding scale – the cup changes depending on the underbust size. For Example: 14C has the same cup capacity as a 12D (the 12D is just smaller in the underbust).


Cup sizes are maintained throughout the progression of sizes. e.g. a 12D bra has the same cup as a 14C. When fitting bras, if a cup fits well but is too loose around the midriff – moving down a size and keeping the cup the same will achieve the correct fit.

We often get asked –what’s the highest impact Bra? And we always answer – Our bras are designed to provide excellent bust support whilst exercising, so the ideal bra is the one that fits you the best.

Simple statements from what we have learned in our years of bra fitting:

• If you are very lean in the upper body, or the volume of the bust (a small bust) is not pushing the wires out – wires can rub against ribs and sternum. A non wired bra is an ideal choice

• If your bust is a C cup or larger, always choose a wider shoulder strap to accommodate the weight of your bust

• If you feel self conscious, or find tighter bras restrictive when running, try an underwired bra that holds and stabilizes rather than compresses

• Remember sports bras should be firmer fitting than your regular bras – they have to do a lot of work! Comfort is important but you need to adjust to the bras fitting close to the body

• Women worry about ‘Back Fat’ (is the soft area under your shoulder blades). As sports women, we have to let that worry go as loosening the bra will affect the performance and support

A bra that doesn’t fit or is poorly made can cause shoulder, neck and back tension. Ask any physiotherapist!!

We have a fitting guide to assist you with finding the correct size. Please remember to keep the measuring tape straight. It is also better to put a non padded bra on for your bust measurement.

If the measurement is significantly different to what size you are wearing, follow your top size and focus on the difference in cms between your underbust and bust measurement.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns



Have you ever wondered where to get a good bra fitting? Or felt a bit uncomfortable? Why not get fitted in the security of your home or gym? Sixty4 has a team of bra fitters that run Fit Clinics for groups of 10 or more women who are looking to get professional service and advice on the best fit of sports bras.

Our bra fitters are trained to fit specifically sports bras – fitting is different to a normal day bra. So many women wear the wrong size, it is vital to be fitted correctly.

The Sixty4 Bra Fitting Consultant will arrive at the gym or home with every size of bra from A to F cup – and fit people accordingly. They can order through the consultant and delivery will be in 2-3 days. Hostess’ and Gym Owners/Managers will be incentivised for holding the Fit Clinics.

If you are interested in arranging a Fit Clinic or would like to join our Sixty4 Fit Team, please contact us on [email protected]

Fittings Store Sixty4 Sport Bras
Fittings Store Sixty4 Sport Bras
Fittings Store Sixty4 Sport Bras

Sixty4 Technology

Testing at the Flinders Medical Centre

Adelaide 2010

Fittings 3D Scan Breast Sixty4 Sport Bras
Fittings 3D Scan Breast Sixty4 Bras

Compression Minimiser Technology (CMT)

Using our knowledge of standard bra design and our experience in compression sportswear, we have fundamentally changed the cup design to redistribute breast mass while maintaining an attractive bust profile. Sixty4 has moved away from the traditional ‘conical’ bra cup shape. When exercising  the breast moves up and down and side to side(breast arc movement). By reshaping the bust, Sixty4 has minimised the lateral movement of the breast and reduced bust projection by up to 5cm. By using a unique combination of rigid and stretch fabrics and innovative garment engineering, the new  Sixty4  shape has been achieved.

Sixty4 designs were biomechanically tested at the Flinders Medical Centre in 2010. Results showed our bras reduced breast bounce by up to 60% and test subjects  noted ‘a feeling of lightness’ and ‘added comfort’.


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