Pink Clover Breastband 

The Pink Clover Breastband is an athletic breast support band designed to be worn across the top of the breasts to help prevent pain & discomfort caused by upward breast movement during activity. Wear with your favourite top for discreet everyday support & comfort.



The Breastband is a streamlined & stylish compression band that works with your sports bra to hold your breasts firmly in place, preventing upward bounce & breast damage that can occur when exercising.

The Pink Clover Breastband is designed for women who care about the health of their breasts and want additional support & comfort during activity.  Even while wearing a sports bra, breasts move. Each little (or large!) vertical movement can damage your delicate breast ligaments, leading to breast pain and sagging; for all breast sizes.

The Breastband adds compression across the top of the breasts reducing vertical breast movement and strain.  Sports bras offer great support around the breast, which is important, however most will not completely prevent bounce.  Teaming the Breastband with your favourite sports bra ensures total all round support allowing you to be active with confidence…lose the bounce and focus on you!


To work effectively we recommend a snug fit.  Don’t worry if you are between sizes, each Breastband has 3 rows of hook & eye closures to customise your fit.  The Breastband is worn over the top of your sports bra. Simple stuff, just check out below.

Correct size and positioning is key to maximising both the comfort and effectiveness of your Pink Clover Breastband.   

Before ordering please check your size.

For accurate sizing, measure around the fullest part of your breasts (overbust measurement) and then refer to our size guide below. If you don’t have a measuring tape or are short on time, please find your bra size below to determine your Breastband.


Fasten the Breastband around your waist, clasps to the front. Then spin around so the clasps align with the middle of your back. Flip & lift up over your breasts. The Pink Clover logo should be positioned roughly over your right breast. It may take a couple of test runs to determine your most comfortable position.


The Breastband is worn over the top of your bra to provide complete support. Position the band across the fullest part of your breasts (above your nipples). The back of the band should roughly fit on top of your bra’s back clasp. It should fit snug enough to prevent breast bounce, but not so tight that it feels uncomfortable.

It may take a couple of test runs to determine your most comfortable position and which clasp setting to use.