How did you get into running/exercise?

I was a water baby and took to swimming when I was 7 and lived in Malta. I have been active ever since and migrated to the land in my mid-twenties and did triathlons when I lived in Dubai.


What’s your greatest achievement to date? and why?

So many great achievements as I always strive for a challenge and something that takes me out of my comfort zone. If I had to name three they would be trekking the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, La Marmotte one of the hardest cycling events and the Half Ironman triathlon in Vietnam.

Why…. Amazing destinations and they all challenged me in many ways – physically, emotionally and the challenge that altitude and heat bring you.

How do you stay motivated? 

I stay motivated as it’s what and who I am… I know how being active makes me feel physically and mentally and knowing yourself is an amazing thing to tap into.

How do you train in COVID-19 lockdown conditions?

With owning and running Her Spirit we have daily LIVE classes and in the UK we are still able to run and cycle. I miss swimming so much but I am focusing on staying strong and focus on doing things I haven’t had time to do.


What are your greatest physical/mental challenges?

As I get older …. 50 now….my body does not like certain things…. Physically its dealing with the niggles I have and mentally not letting them get to me. I always need events to keep me motivated and challenged. It was great to support BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin on her 100 mile static bike ride in April called The Big Bike In.


What is your background?

Within the business world… I started my career in the Middle East working with the distributor for Reebok and then Speedo before I moved back to the UK to work for Speedo International. Having left the corporate world in 2001 after working on the Sydney 2000 Olympics I have set up numerous businesses of which many exist still to date.


How has exercise changed you mentally/physically?

It has always been part of who I am… being active keeps me mentally and physically fit. I love how it makes me feel.



Her Spirit is a personalised coaching app for your Mind – Body – Fuel. Her Spirit offers a range of expert support and self-help advice on how to look after your MIND – BODY – FUEL. We help you change your eating habit, find activities you enjoy and connect you with other like-minded women.


Why did you start it? How is it different?

Myself and my co-founder Holly Woodford founded Her Spirit in August 2018 and spent 12 months testing the market to truly understand what women want. We are different as we look at a woman as her WHOLE self as all three elements are all interconnected. We underpin this with a vibrant and supportive community and coaches that can be accessed digitally and physically.


What is important in terms of the sports bra you wear? 

Fit is so important and I love Sixty4 and everything it stands for. I have found so many bra’s rub under my breasts and leave bad scaring. I am sure part of that is a bad fit and having been ill advised what bra size by lazy sales assistants. Keep doing the brilliant work you are doing Margot and the team at Sixty4


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