Empowering women with Dignity and Respect One Bra at a time.

Homeless and disadvantaged women from all cultures across Australia are in DESPERATE need for bras.

One of the goals of Support The Girls Australia is to ensure that they empower and encourage self-esteem and wellbeing in women and girls by supplying them with items such as bras.

Sixty4 would like to support this not-for-profit charity and to help support those women who are homeless for so many reasons such as domestic violence, financial hardships, loss of spouse or circumstances beyond their control.

How you can help. By donating your used Sixty4 sports bra you will be helping to provide a healthier and more dignified lifestyle for women and girls.

So dig deep into your Sixty4 Sports bra collection and for those bras that have celebrated their birthday, please donate that bra. For every 5 bras received we will donate a new Sixty4 sports bra.

Please send your used Sixty4 bras with your name to:

Support the Girls

PO Box 1014, Newport Beach

NSW, Australia, 2106