Experiencing your daughter begin to physically change as she wanders into puberty is something that creeps up on you. At least, it did for me. My daughter was/is still a child but the subtle physical changes and the frequent mood swings made me realise that my baby was becoming a woman.

As an owner of a sports bra business and a now seasoned bra fitter, I have learned a lot about self consciousness. Most of us are not comfortable with our bodies which will at times make bra fitting a challenge. But … with the teens! nothing prepares you for the intense reaction towards any comments about body parts … even my daughter, who knows more about breasts and bra fitting than any teenager, will react, cover up and accuse me of anything that comes to mind… sigh!!!

I think back to my first bra experience … I was 14, sports mad, a swimmer, runner and bike rider – well … it was Canberra – and my mother took me to David Jones to be fitted for my first real bra. A very serious, no nonsense older lady – must have been at least 35 – told me what I was going to have – a soft, non wired bra that opened at the front! So that’s what my mother bought me. There was no mention of a sports bra! I can’t say it was an enjoyable experience and it was the only bra fitting that I had for years.

At many sports events where we run Fit Clinics, I often see my regular customers bringing their daughters in for a fitting. It’s a special moment as these young women are usually very self conscious and they do not want to be there – the mothers are doing it tough.. their daughters are saying “you can see my nipples, its uncomfortable and it makes my boobs look pointy”….. So we approach this as a challenge… we make sure they accept us into their personal space and we fit our bras with respect and good humour. I want these young women to realise getting fitted is an important part of being a woman and it can and should be a fun experience.

Young women need to know about bras and sizing. They will be changing their bra sizes consistently throughout their life. I talk to my daughter about this and despite a small degree of eye rolling and a few “ Oh Mum”s , she gets it.. she knows good breast care early on will benefit her later on in life.

You can underestimate a supportive sports bra. As mothers, we need to know when the crop top needs to be retired for a structured bra. It’s a journey we need to share with our daughters. When you see they are not getting good bust support – when there is a bit too much jiggling.. its time!

Bras are a necessity for most women, most definitely a sports bra. Young women need to feel it’s a wonderful rite of passage – like joining the sisterhood. We should show our daughters that it’s good to embrace being a woman and love the bra within!

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